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Five Ridiculous Tokusatsu Costumes
Even fellows who save the world aren't spared the agony of horrible wardrobe choices
By Basil Yeo Posted in Kamen Rider, Kyodai Hero, Listicles, Tokusatsu Hero on October 20, 2010
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Like in real life, Tokusatsu has had its own share of fashion disaster cases. We take a look at five of the most ridiculous Tokusatsu costumes ever…

5. Kamen Rider Kiva Dogabaki Form (2006)

Someone over at Toei, or PLEX rather, must have been smoking some crack when they designed this. The horrible palette of colours combined aspects from Kiva’s other forms, and thankfully for viewers, it could only last for five minutes before it became harmful for the user.

4. Magma Taishi (First version) – Ambassador Magma (1966)

Magma Taishi originally protected Earth from the Goa hilariously with the stunt actor’s face painted gold, supposedly to create the illusion that the giant hero was a living being, but P Productions made a smart move by adding a golden mask and longer hair to the character, making it look more robotic, and it helped in the character’s popularity. Magma also transformed into a rocket.

3. Greenman – Ike! Greenman (1973)

The follow-up to ‘the worst Tokusatsu series of all-time’, Godman, Greenman had a stupider looking outfit which made him look more like a Mongolian traditionalist than superhero. Also had a maroon (sometimes bright red) bunch of hair growing out from the top of his head.

2. Nana-Iro Kamen – 7 Colour Mask (1959)

Toei’s first superhero series, a badly-dressed gun-toting maniac who used seven different personalities to combat crime. The mask also looks like a shade-wearing version of The Man In the Iron Mask. The series did have its popularity and later interest though thanks to famous actor Sonny Chiba debuting in his first role (and title role) from episode 32 onwards.

1. National Kid (1960)

Partially sponsored by Panasonic, number 1 on our list could have been called Panasonic kid if Panasonic wanted to promote itself as a whole instead of the National brand of electronics. This dude wasn’t very popular in Japan, most likely due to his ridiculous costume which would have looked more in place with the Justice League than Japan, but he has a cult following in Brazil. Also wielded two guns which looked more like converted National electric hairdryers.

7 Colour Mask Greenman KR Kiva

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