Weekly Round-Up (8 Mar 15 – 14 Mar 15)

Ninninger Episode 3Here’s the weekly round-up for the second week of March! The Weekly Round-Up is where we provide a weekly update on what’s been happening in the Toku-verse in the past week, and it will be up every Saturday.

Note: Spoilers ahead for those who have not watched the past week’s episode.

Last week on Shuriken Sentai Ninninger, Episode 3, Gabi Raizo of the KibaOni Army is revived. On an episode centered around Kininger who learns that books aren’t everything, we also learn that the Ninninger still have ways to go. The KibaOni Army too is not at full strength yet, so the coming episodes will be interesting with how both sides will continue to fight.

On Kamen Rider Drive, Episode 21, Type-Formula finally debut, at the last second before the episode ends. The episode revolves around the idea that Chase was the perpetrator of a murder case, which leads to some disagreements between the Riders. Following up, Belt-san sends out Shift Cars to track the Roidmudes, only for them to be brainwashed and controlled by Medic. And the fight between Drive and Chaser continues, ending with Drive turning into Type Formula.

Shin Ultraman Retsuden, Episode 88, covers the flashback of how Ultraman Zero came to Earth and the happenings of the film Ultraman Saga, whilst covering how Ginga uses Cosmos power of comfort and Taro’s Strium energy to battle Yapool-seijin.

On the other side of the Earth, Power Rangers Dino Charge, Episode 5, we see the Para Raptor formation! Chase, the Black Dino Charge Ranger, also officially recognises the others as his team members.

In other news,  Kamen Rider #4 will be part of the mini series from Super Hero Taisen GP, that will be released exclusively on Japanese Dvideo. The first and second Episode will be on March 28th, followed by the third episode on April 4th.

Kamen Rider Drive Episode 21


Sat Mar 14, 2015
Power Rangers Dino Charge – Episode #6

Sun Mar 15, 2015
Shuriken Sentai Ninninger – Episode #4
Kamen Rider Drive – Episode #22

Wed Mar 17, 2015
New Ultraman Retsuden – Episode #89