Our 15 favourite cosplays from J-Ob!

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‘Twas a hot, hot, HOT Saturday afternoon when our team decided to head down to take a quick peek at J-Obsession 2015 by The Cathay.

This year’s pop culture mini-event saw a large crowd of cosplayers, performers and photographers gathering at the Naruto themed event to meet friends, show off their singing, dancing, cosplaying and photography skills and sharing their common passion for all things Japanese.

(Somewhat) unfazed by the sweltering heat, our dynamic duo, ZenoPhantom and Reiven, trudged through the throngs of people to find our top 15 favourite cosplays on day one of the event!

Click on the photos to see larger sized versions of them!

No. 15 Naruto, Kisame and Itachi

Kisame & Itachi

We thought that Kisame really put some effort into his cosplay, what with the face paint and gills and Itachi looked pretty spot on too. Pity bout Kisame’s feet though, if it weren’t for that not so small detail , he would’ve made the perfect Kisame.

No.14 NGE, Nagisa Kaworu

KaworuThis was probably the simplest costume we saw all day, that we recognised the character right off the bat (unless we got this TOTALLY wrong) made it a worthwhile addition to the list. Besides, who DOESN’T like NGE?

No.13 Love Live, Kotori


Ah…Love Live. How could we NOT feature a cosplayer from this series? To be fair though, this cosplayer was extremely sweet, pretty and kind enough to let us snap a photo. We thought she not only looked the part but pulled off the character decently too.

No.12 Kill la Kill, Ryuko


Here’s one from another famous…or rather infamous series. What really impressed us here was her scissor blade prop. Ok, so maybe we were afraid she might chop us up if we didn’t have her on our list so sue us. =p

No.11 Spirited Away, Chihiro and No Name

Spirited AwayGotta love that little unfortunate slave girl and her stalker. Ghibli (and Ghibli cosplayers) will always have a place in our hearts. Plus, fuzzy eyebrows, how adorable is that?

No.10 Zombie, Zombie

Zombie ManThis guy made our list for pure effort. The amount of work that went into sculpting, applying and wearing that mess for a whole day definitely left a strong impact on us…that and the raw smell of rotting zombie meat.

No.9  Gundam Wing, Trowa and Duo

Gundam Wing

This pair made the list  for nostalgia’s sake and their ability to wear long pants and thick, dark hoodies in the heat.

No.8 Naruto, Kakashi

Kakashi He threatened us with a Raisengan.

Just kidding. Actually we thought his wig, pose and costume were pretty spot on and made him stand out as the original amongst the sea of kagebushin Kakashis.

No.7 Naruto, Sasuke


The pose, the hair spikes, the attitude – we thought this guy got his Sasuke on just fine.

No.6 FFVII, Yuffie

YuffieThis cosplayer’s four-point shuriken was extremely pointy…and on point. A real blast from the past, this Yuffie was as friendly and helpful as her character. She’s probably about as tough too.

No.5 Nauto, Naruto and Anbu Kakashi

Naruto + ?

Seeing as to how we were at a Naruto themed event, it made sense that we would see at least one Naruto worth mentioning. Plus, this one even had an Anbu Kakashi, doesn’t get cooler than that really.

No.4 Gundam, Build Burning and Char’s Zaku

GundamDo we have to explain why these two are on the list? Seriously?

No.3 Gundam Build Fighters Try, Meiji Kawaguchi

MeijinWhat caught our eye with this costume wasn’t his dazzlingly shiny shades, but rather the Meijin’s impeccable work on his Amazing Red Warrior. Custom build and painted by the Meijin himself, it’s small details like this that make a cosplay work.

No.2 Team Rocket Grunts

Rocket Grunts

Right in the childhood. Who can help having a love-hate relationship with this team of minions whose sole purpose in the story was to annoy you while secretly helping you level up throughout the game.

Also they said they would steal our pokemon and since neither of us were Pokemon Masters yet, we’d thought we ought to listen to their demands.

Annnnnd our favourite cosplayer of the day is…

No.1 Naruto, Chibi Zabusa!


That chibi form, that “giant” sword, that fierce pose! What’s not too like? This little Zabusa didn’t strike fear into our hearts, more like prodded us with a squishy feeling of cuteness.

Honorable Mentions:

Kamen Rider Kuuga-s (Rising Mighty & Mighty Form)


and Hongo Takeshi

Hongo Takeshi

While Kamen Rider cosplayers aren’t quite as rare as you might think in Singapore, it’s always cool to see them at an event. While they didn’t make our list this time, it’s still nice to see that some are still keeping the good old Showa/early Heisei times alive. Keep up the awesome work guys!

Did you guys head down to J-Ob too? Who were your favourite cosplayers at the event?

By the way, if anyone knows anyone on this list, tell us by dropping us a Facebook message or leaving a comment below! We’d love to credit these awesome cosplayers and get them properly recognised for their amazing work.

Disclaimer: This list is based entirely on the writer and photographer’s own personal preference. Any unwarranted, biased or rude decrying comments will be happily ignored or rider kicked into the black hole of the internet.