Flashback Friday #10: Gaoranger Hoero!!


Gaoranger Hoero!


This week we flashback to 2001, the year Hyakuuju Sentai Gaoranger was released – and with it, perhaps the kingliest theme song ever released in Sentai history: Gaoranger Hoero!

Sung by the ever flamboyant Yamagata Yukio, Gaoranger Hoero makes sure you know it’s beastly roots with Yamagata’s fierce, gravelly growls and his wild, apish screeches.

As typical of most Sentai opening songs, the series’ title was often repeated in the song and further emphasised with Yamagata’s expressive “gaaaaaaaoooooooo”s.

Yamagata also provided back up vocals for the unofficial Sentai series Hikounin Sentai Akibaranger and even made an appearance in the series along with fellow Sentai singer MoJo.

MoJo_Ichir _Tomita_in_Akibaranger_2

And with that, I leave with with Yamagata-san’s amazingly amusing live performance from 2001! Complete with instant ramen hair and giant retro collar goodness!

What’s your favourite Super Sentai opening song?