tokuAsia Goes Down Under! – Supanova Gold Coast 2015 Review

This end-of-summer, tokuAsia decided to head to Australia to check out our first ever overseas convention, Supanova Gold Coast. It was bright and sunny over the entire weekend, in fact, it was overwhelmingly so. But despite the heat, Supanova Gold Coast was an amazing experience filled with exciting panels, entertaining guests, curious stores and a really, really fun crowd.


Supanova is a traveling pop culture expo that tours Australia and holds 3-day conventions in various cities and states. Thanks to the scale and popularity of the event, Supanova often sees famous celebrities as guests – making it the first event that we’ve ever attended that had western pop culture celebrities for us to meet, something yet to happen at any Singapore convention.

That made this event extremely special and supremely exciting because at this particular convention we got to meet none other than the legendary Jason David Frank! Plus, we managed to get a poster signed by him too!

Well, that's one tick off the bucket list!

Well, that’s one tick off the bucket list!

JDF was extremely friendly and constantly gave shout outs to the queue to make sure his fan weren’t too bored while waiting for their turn to get stuff signed. He also interacted with friends as they he signed their items, often commenting about it or asking about the fans themselves. A consummate entertainer, JDF also held a panel on the last day of the convention, alas we were unable to make it (we were quite sad about that).

We managed to snap a photo with JDF, which was the highlight of the entire weekend really. Excuse the crappy photo, geekzoid here has very bad camera sense.


JDF used confusion, it was very effective, thus rending me unable to pose for the camera properly.

There were many many things on display including a TARDIS, the Captain’s chair (from Star Trek) and a Dalek too! But most importantly, we got to see a DeLorean!

Homemade, just like Doc ordered

Homemade, just like Doc ordered

There were also special effects booths that showed what went on behind-the-scenes like body painting a character…

Join the dark side

Join the dark side

…and motion capturing a guy and turning him into a 3D character on the spot.

Tron me!

Tron me!

There were plenty of stores and some even had some Tokusatsu products.

Take all the shirts!

Take all the shirts!

Buy all the toys!

Buy all the toys!

There were lots of other booths selling more pop culture items such as books, comics and toys, but they were mostly standard fare – you’d get about the same at our STGCC too.

Parenting...someone's doing it right

Treasure hunting!


Look at the pretty books!

Artist Alley was crazy packed over the weekend so we couldn’t get a good shot to show you guys, but trust us, the art was amazeballs and the artists were friendly and highly entertaining.

As the day went on, our tummies started to protest, so we had to hunt down some food. Fortunately for us, the convention had an amazing menu of food available (think giant hot dogs, fries, nachos, churros and more!) They even had a Domino’s booth that sold slices of hot, mouthwatering, cheesy pizza for just $5! I await the day this happens in Singapore, till then I suppose we have to settle for $10 chicken rice at Marina Bay Sands.

$5 a slice...Singapore Y U no have?!

$5 a slice…Singapore Y U no have?!

But biggest difference we noticed between Supanova and ANY convention in Singapore was the lack of the infamous “Wall of Photographers”. Mind you, there were definitely photographers at the event who had semi-professional kits but there weren’t as many, they weren’t as rude and never at any one time would there be a sudden rush of photo snappers whenever an amazing cosplayer appeared.

Like this Red Sonja

Please don't hurt us!

Please don’t hurt us!

…and super smexy Jubilee.

I'mma blow your mind

I’mma blow your mind

Naturally, there were a lot of amazing cosplayers…

Obligatory sexy game cosplay girl

Obligatory sexy game cosplay girl





Cosplay is for everyone!

Cosplay is for everyone!

but the highlight of the event were the adorable kids and baby cosplays – definitely a sign of parenting done right.

Babypool wins our hearts

Babypool wins our hearts

These two were really into their roles...

These two were really into their roles…

We also had the fortune to meet 3 super duper Power Ranger cosplayers, Sean, Andrew and Matthew.


Matthew in this season’s hot colour, green.

Emergency! Shift into Turbo!

(Check out our little feature on them out next week!)

Supanova was a lot of fun, but it was a lot smaller than we anticipated – but we were told that this was one of the smaller events they hold throughout the year. There’s a lot that our local events can learn about having a more wholesome event from them, especially when it comes to hosting panels and inviting guests (and feeding con-goers; that’s really important too).

We hope to attend another Supanova soon and hopefully we’ll be able to go behind the scenes to show you guys more of what happens at Supanova.

Till then, thanks for having us Supanova!

Were you at Supanova Gold Coast 2015? Did you get to meet JDF or any other fellow Toku fans? What did you love or hate about the event? Tell us in the comments below!

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