Flashback Friday #25: Godzilla 1985 (The Return of Godzilla)


Godzilla 1985
(The Return of Godzilla)

Godzilla 1985 is actually a heavily re-edited version of The Return of Godzilla, a 1984 film that takes place thirty years after the original film. 1985/Return is meant to be a direct sequel to the original, ignoring every other film in between. It tells a story of a new Godzilla emerging from the oceans to once again attack Japan.

In this film, Godzilla is once again treated like a destructive force of nature. It also introduces the Super-X, the military’s new weapon intended to combat the threat of Godzilla, which will also make an appearance in subsequent films in the franchise.

Overall, it is not as retro as the older movie and neither is it as spectacular as some of the newer ones, so this film falls somewhere in between. The Godzilla suit, effects, and miniature cities sets all look much more sophisticated but still outdated compared to today’s standards.


If you consider yourself a Godzilla fan, or just want to watch a good kaijuu rampage movie, check this one out, you won’t be disappointed in what you find.