Flashback Friday #26: Kamen Rider (Manga)


Kamen Rider (Manga)

In 1971, the world was introduced to a bionic bug hero called “Kamen Rider”. The first in the line of many, many heroes, was called Kamen Rider No.1. Often simply shortened as just Ichigou, he made his initial appearance on television with the manga adaptation running at the same time.


Penned and drawn by the legendary Shoutarou Ishinomori himself, the storyline follows the TV series somewhat and showcases his classic style. The characters drawn sometimes bear resemblance to those from his other equally famous series, Cyborg 009. It is also reminiscent of his mentor Tezuka Osamu.
kamen-rider-390453It offers fans a closer look at how Ishinomori intended Kamen Rider to be like but unfortunately ran for only one book. The manga is often considered to be darker than the TV series.


However he also did one chapter of Kamen Rider Amazon as well as the entire Kamen Rider Black manga, which were based on the Kamen Rider sequels rather than the original itself.


His manga were eventually followed by the likes of Kamen Rider Spirits and Shin Kamen Rider Spirits which were penned and drawn by Muraeda Kenichi.

Scanlations of these manga are available on some scanlation sites such as MangaFox.