Flashback Friday #28: Ultraman Tiga [English Dub] (2002)

He was described as "three heroes in one."

He was described as “three heroes in one.”

Ultraman Tiga

For this week’s Flashback Friday, we’re going back to my childhood (because I’m the Resident Canadian).

We had one of those early Saturday-morning TV programming blocks called Fox Kids. You can now see how that helped my fandom of Power Rangers, but that’s beside the point.

In 2002, Fox Box replaced Fox Kids, and most (if all) of the shows were replaced; an English dub of Ultraman Tiga was one of them. And by “dub,” I don’t mean simply voices recorded over the original dialogue; Tiga’s forms were “Omni,” “Power,” and “Speed,” he had his own transformation sequence (probably to hype it like Power Rangers did), and the kid in the crow-people episode was called “Stevie.” I can imagine someone saying it was like a different show altogether.

And one day, Ultraman Tiga disappeared from the air, and nine-year-old Kevin never knew why…

The dub may have sucked, but it launched a guy like me into Ultraman fandom, so one can’t say it was all bad.

Besides, don’t you enjoy the theme song somewhat at least?