Five reasons why the Power Rangers teaser is underwhelming

The Iron Rangers need to do much better @ Lionsgate

The Iron Rangers need to do much better @ Lionsgate

A teaser for the upcoming POWER RANGERS film was released over the weekend at the 2016 New York Comic Con to much excitement. To be honest, it felt quite underwhelming for me. Lionsgate need to do much better for the next teaser, or risk losing fan excitement for the Power Rangers remake.

Here’s five reasons why I thought the teaser was unimpressive:

1. Teaser does not feel like Power Rangers

If the opening title were to be omitted before the teaser proper, would you be able to tell that it is actually a teaser for a Power Rangers movie at all? The entire teaser felt more like a young adult novel adaptation movie rather than a Power Rangers movie. They even added a kissing scene between Jason and Kimberly. I get that the focus is on teenagers, but not all teasers need be designed like it’s going to the next Twilight.

2. Cliché Origin Story

Our protagonists were outcasts in school who somehow gained superhuman powers and went to try them out shortly. Sounds familiar? The only difference is that now instead of one Peter Parker, we have five. Unless the teaser was just trying to trick us, it made us feel as though this movie is just going to be yet another cliché origin story.

3. No real stakes

Remember all the leaked behind-the-scene photos, particularly the ones featuring Elizabeth Banks’ Rita Repulsa destroying Angel Grove? Why was that scene not added into the teaser? It might have added some stake and would probably excite the fans or any mainstream viewers. Instead, we seem to be getting a boring origin story and Rita, the villain of the entire movie, appeared for only a mere eight seconds. I am pretty sure that eight seconds is sufficient to “excite” anyone enough to go watch the movie.

4. No Bryan Cranston

Bryan Cranston is probably one of the biggest names attached to this big screen remake of the original Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers series. When the Breaking Bad star’s name was announced to play the Rangers’ legendary mentor Zordon few weeks ago, fans were hyped. Cranston is no stranger to the franchise, having lent his voice in the original MMPR series. In fact, it had also gained some mainstream attention due to his star power. Instead, the entire teaser featured not even a glimpse of Cranston in his role. In a way, this seems to resemble his contributions to a certain Godzilla movie…

5. Little to no suits, and no Zords

What do people usually think of when they mention Power Rangers? The teenagers? Or the suits and the Zords? Sadly, the suits did not even get a chance to shine in full, with half a transformation scene shown.
While I get that we should be teased to want more, the overwhelming scenes of the teens made me hope for at least a glimpse of the helmets. Yet we did not even see anything, even anything that remotely resembled a Zord. That was another major letdown.

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