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Five Greatest Power Ranger Moments
We discuss five moments that made Ranger history.
By Basil Yeo Posted in Listicles, Power Rangers on March 7, 2017
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With Dean Israelite’s reboot looming over our heads (only 15 more days!!!), it is certainly an appropriate time to celebrate the legacy of Power Rangers.

Clocking in at over 830 episodes over 24 years, the series at its best has delivered some absolutely breathtaking displays of heroism that would put even Captain America to shame, and occasionally, sombre defeats for the heroes that have shocked generations of young viewers into tears.

In this article, we hunt down five such moments, good and bad, that have defined Power Rangers as a genre and sometimes, set it apart from the original Super Sentai source material.

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5. The Destruction of the Power Chamber

Power Rangers Turbo 44-45: Chase into Space (Parts I & II)

Wait… You mean this was all part of Zordon’s master plan?? @ SABAN

A new team of Rangers took over midway through Power Rangers Turbo, and for the first time ever in Power Rangers history, no original members remained on the team. Not long after, the Ranger rookies were thrust into the midst of an invasion of the Power Chamber by Divatox.   Even though the Rangers heroically defended their base of operations, Divatox actually did win by destroying it and severing the Rangers’ connection to their powers. The Rangers could have lost their lives, but they were spared when Dark Specter summoned Divatox for an immediate audience, leading into the next series…  

4. Landing on Mirinoi

Power Rangers Lost Galaxy 45: Journey’s End (Part III)

Episodes with damaged helmets were always a joy @ SABAN

I consider Lost Galaxy one of my top three Ranger series of all time, and this scene shows just why. After an entire season following the denizens of Terra Venture on the search for a new world to inhabit, how fitting was it that they eventually ended up on Mirinoi, the planet which was turned to stone at the beginning of the series, and presumably the home of the Rangers’ powers.   Although a mature viewer would probably expect this to happen (a long extended version of Chekhov’s gun), there is indeed something heroic about the Rangers ending their journey as heroes by putting the Quasar Sabers back in the stone, restoring Mirinoi’s tribespeople and bringing Kendrix back to life. Not bad for a series whose source material revolved around a magical forest.  

3. The White Ranger’s Introduction

Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers Season 2 78/18: White Light (Part II)

Here comes Ultraman, the Warrior of Light @ SABAN

I’ve read in some places that Tommy’s baptism as the White Ranger was spoiled ahead of the TV broadcast but hey, I live in Singapore, I was probably 5 or 6 years old when this came out, and we didn’t have the Internet then. And this was freaking awesome!   MMPR had somewhat ‘matured’ from Season 1 (you can quote me on this, S1 was terrible…) and even though it was still cheap as hell, you could sense the writers were building towards some kind of Power Rangers legacy when they brought Tommy back as the White Ranger. It surely worked in their favour as well, as Tommy went on to become the Greatest Ranger Ever.

2. 10 Red Rangers Teamup

Power Rangers Wild Force 34: Forever Red

The Backstreet Boys @ SABAN

A gathering of ten red rangers to clean up the Zeo Rangers’ trash on the Moon to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the series, Forever Red was fittingly written by a fan-turned-TV writer, Amit Bhaumik, who also wrote two other episodes in Wild Force.   Filled with nods and references to the series lore that came before, Forever Red ended up becoming some kind of a curtain call for the Saban-era, as the brand was sold to Disney in the midst of Wild Force. It was also the last time we ever saw Tommy and Jason fight alongside each other.   And who can forget that awesome group morph?? (See video in link)  

1. Countdown to Destruction

Power Rangers in Space 42-43: Countdown to Destruction (Parts I & II)

When you finally have an explanation for all those mysterious disappearances @ SABAN

Countdown to Destruction remains my favourite Power Rangers episode till today, because it was truly the culmination of everything that was set in motion since Day of the Dumpster. With the entire universe coming under attack by the Alliance, the Space Rangers were overwhelmed and forced into making their toughest choices ever, which led to Zordon forcing Andros to shatter his tube, stopping the invasion by spreading his good energy throughout the universe.

The danger faced by the people of Earth, for the first time ever, also felt real. It was even referenced in the Lost Galaxy teamup as ‘the day the Rangers saved the Earth’, even though previous teams of Rangers had done that over and over again by that point. Though the gravity of the situation could have been done better with a few cameos from retired Rangers doing their part as civilians.

Again, not bad for a series whose source material was about high tech videogame heroes.

What are your favourite Power Ranger moments? Tell us by commenting below!

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