tokuAsia is a not-for-profit Singapore-based community for fans of Japanese Tokusatsu
(and other similar live-action shows).


Originally established as a discussion board in 2005 by Gan Meng Yeow, Basil Yeo, Gareth Lim (all Singapore) and Jaclyn Ngan (Malaysia), it has since grown and developed into one of the mainstays in the Tokusatsu fan community, both locally and internationally. It is also the oldest existing Tokusatsu community in Singapore.

In 2015, tokuAsia celebrated its 10th Anniversary.

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The mission of tokuAsia is to promote the consumption of Tokusatsu programs in Singapore and provide an avenue for healthy & meaningful discussion.

We also aim to actively participate in and organise events to bring together the Tokusatsu fan community in Singapore.


Chibi Leo Final

Original concept by Shaun Kok. Illustrated by Yestherdey

Originally launched in 2006, Project LEO is the sum of tokuAsia’s ambitions to produce an independent Tokusatsu program in Singapore.

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