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Background Actors who became Tokusatsu Heroes Part 2

In our previous ‘Background Actors who became Tokusatsu Heroes’ article, we have looked at some of the small time actors who ended up in the Super Sentai franchise. In this second part of the list, we will look at former small time actors who were eventually chosen to put on the signature transformation belt from […]

Background Actors who became Tokusatsu Heroes Part 1

In our previous Tokusatsu actors articles, we have talked about how these actors gained rapid popularity through their respective genres. However, did you know that some of these actors have actually been part of the acting industry for some time but only have small roles before they donned the costume?

Top 5 Motifs Sentai Should Revisit

With Shuriken Sentai Ninninger almost hitting the mid-series point, it is without a doubt that a handful of fans in the fandom are beginning to wonder what’s next after the ninja motif, which is used for the third time in the franchise as it is inevitable for Toei to reuse popular motifs when Super Sentai has been riding […]