Five Ideas Sentai Needs to Stop Implementing


So that we can shove these things into the audience’s faces for the sake of selling toys!

1) Teams with Gimmick Dependent Arsenals

Gimmick, a word that has been commonly used by the Tokusatsu community in recent years. Super Sentai did not introduce the infamous annual gimmick until Engine Sentai Go-onger, with its Engine Souls. Read more

Top 5 Ultraman Movies of All Time

The Holy Trinity

Tiga, Dyna & Gaia: The Holy Trinity

The latest movie in the Ultraman franchise, Ultraman Ginga S Decisive Battle: The 10 Ultra Warriors, featuring 10 Heisei Ultramen from Tiga onwards all the way to Ultraman Ginga and Victory, premieres tomorrow, March 15, in cinemas all over Japan. Read more