Top 5 Best Kamen Rider Songs of the Heisei Era

Since Kamen Rider Ryuki, Kamen Rider series had been closely linked with Avex Group, one of the most popular recording companies in Japan, by having its artists perform songs for the Kamen Rider series. Some of these songs have even made it into the Oricon Charts, displaying the popularity of these songs throughout the masses.

With so much songs to choose from, from opening songs, ending songs, to insert songs, character songs, etc. here they are, my picks for the Top 5 best Kamen Rider songs of the Heisei era.

Number 5


Kamen Rider Agito – Deep Breath by ROLLY

This song came before the “Avex Era”. One thing that attracted me was how the song began: First came the synthesizers, after that came the electric guitar entrance. The song was not fast, but it nicely matched with the pace of the fight scene in the show, which itself was also not that fast. One thing to note about this song, was it was very short, since they actually did not use the 2nd verse in the show.

Number 4


Kamen Rider Kabuto – Next Level by YU-KI

Kamen Rider Kabuto was a quite fast-paced series, especially in its fight scene. “Next Level” was able to bring out that kind of fast-paced feel that the show portrayed. What is more important was how the song created a very good emotional feel, especially when watching the chorus part of the opening scene and I really felt the agony of both Kusakabe Hiyori and Kagami Arata. (Although apparently that scene does not relate to anything in the show). One thing I would also like to point out, the long instrumental section of the song could get really addictive.

Number 3


Kamen Rider Ryuki – Revolution by Kitadani Hiroshi

How do I describe this song? Just listen to the introduction of the song. It starts slow, the pace gets slightly faster, then…… the song becomes one hell of an awesome techno track. I also seriously love the feel of the song, especially during the chorus part, where the buildup generates an uproar of emotion that will really make you wanna just release it with one loud shout.

Number 2


Kamen Rider W – W.B.X – W Boiled Extreme by Kamiki Aya w TAKUYA

It says a lot about how good this song can sound to me being kept in my MP3 player for more than half a year. The song is seriously addictive to begin with, the combination of saxophone, electric guitar, the strong drum beat and also the bass in the starting of the song. The song starts off with a slow saxophone, mimicking the feel of a typical detective show, then becomes fast and catchy when the electric guitars kick in.

Number 1


Kamen Rider Kiva – Supernova – Tetra Fang

Ok, a lot of people might start saying I’m bias because of the fact I’m a Kiva fan, which is why I put this song as first. But however, this is really not the reason. First of all, I will give credit to Seto Koji. He has come a long way from his first Tetra Fang single in the beginning to this song. You can really see the drastic improvement in his singing ability in this song. Next is how they mixed the keyboard and guitar parts. The chorus then fully focuses on the keyboards, which helped build up the emotion of the song. Then the song ends in such a way that is really addictive but I can’t describe it to you. As such, you will have to listen and hear it for yourself.

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