Ten Iconic Tokusatsu Cars


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Vroom! It’s Formula 1 weekend in Singapore, and what better to write about this weekend than to revisit a bunch of iconic cars used by our favourite Tokusatsu heroes over the years.

While motorbikes have been a more popular choice for the heroic sort, there have been many heroes over the years who have opted for a cooler (subjective) and more comfortable way of transportation. Since we’re focusing mainly on transportation, we’ve left out cars that could be categorised as ‘giant mecha’.

Here’s ten of the most stylish ones:
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Top 5 Motifs Sentai Should Revisit

With Shuriken Sentai Ninninger almost hitting the mid-series point, it is without a doubt that a handful of fans in the fandom are beginning to wonder what’s next after the ninja motif, which is used for the third time in the franchise as it is inevitable for Toei to reuse popular motifs when Super Sentai has been riding the airwaves for a whooping 40 years. Listed below are five motifs that tokuAsians wish to see in future incarnations. Read more

Five Things We Want to See in Dekaranger 10 Years After


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