Meng Yeow | Co-Founder/Chief | @GLAiV_Gale
Gale is the Chairman and one of the Co-Founders of tokuAsia which was founded on 16 November 2005. Started off as a Tokusatsu fan after watching Ultra Seven on Singapore TV in the 90s. His favourites are Ultraman Tiga, Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger, Kamen Rider Hibiki, GARO and Gamera 1999.


Basil Yeo | Co-Founder/Commander | @basilyeo
Basil is a filmmaker, former sports journalist and one of the co-founders of tokuAsia. Having grown up on a diet of colourful Japanese Tokusatsu heroes, he had a brief stint dabbling in fan-fiction writing and now aspires to one day produce an original Singaporean Tokusatsu-style program that mirrors his love for the classic generation. His all-time favourite series is Ultra Seven.


Hidayat | Website Administrator | @yatlax
Having grown up with Tokusatsu as a kid, he closely follows recent tokusatsu shows, but not entirely watching them. He leans more towards the Ultraman and Kamen Rider side, but occasionally watches some sentai series.


Jaclyn Ngan | Co-Founder/Senior Writer
Jaclyn is one of the Co-Founders of tokuAsia. She did not come across the term ‘Tokusatsu’ until 2003 despite having watched some of it as a child. Since 2005, she has been a loyal supporter of Super Sentai with Jetman and GoGoFive being her top favourites. She also writes fan-fictions.


Kevin Wong | Facebook Master | @wongerz
Kevin is the Resident Canadian of tokuAsia who grew up watching Power Rangers into his teens (childhood doesn’t die). Though he aspires to be Golden Knight GARO, his No.1 hero will always be Ultraman. Yet in the end, he believes there is more to life than fandom.


Kim Hong | Writer


Shaun Kok | Writer
Shaun grew up with Tokusatsu and dreams of one day filming and portraying a hero. He eats, sleeps and breathes Kamen Rider, Super Sentai, Ultraman and Metal Heroes.

Victoria Ng | Writer | @l2eiven
Victoria is the Tokusatsu newbie in tokuAsia. She only recently discovered her love for ikemen in shiny armor and tight spandex in 2010. Her favourite series include Kyoryuger, GARO, Ryuki, Fourze and Gokaiger. She occasionally writes about her Tokusatsu discoveries, sometimes postulates about inter-series theories and constantly trolls elitist know-it-alls.