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Toku Jukebox #3: Shougeki Gouraigan ~Hikaribito no Chikai~
By Jaclyn Ngan Posted in Music, Tokusatsu Hero on October 14, 2015
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Shougeki Gouraigan ~Hikaribito no Chikai~ (OP)

Series: Shougeki Gouraigan (2013)
Composed by: Kashiwabara Shuji | Lyrics by: Amemiya Keita

Performed by: Kae

Shougeki Gouraigan ~Hikaribito no Chikai~ was the title of the opening song in Amemiya Keita’s new project, Shougeki Gouraigan. It was also one of the few Tokusatsu opening songs to be performed by a female artiste. The song heavily emphasized that “Even if one swears to fight alone, a miracle can be called upon when five people work together,” which is a foreshadowing as well as a reference to the events in the series finale.

(OP) = Opening Theme, (ED) = Ending Theme, (IN) = Insert Song, (IM) = Image Song, (BGM) = Background Music


Amemiya Keita Gouraigan

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