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About that new muscular Ultraman...
By Meng Yeow Posted in Articles, Ultraman on April 19, 2019
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Ultraman Titas, hailing from U-40. Picture from TPC.

So we have been officially introduced to the first Reiwa era Ultraman…or rather Ultramen, as Tsuburaya approaches the upcoming show with a new formula, while bringing us back to the Nebula M78 continuity. For more official information, visit the TPC website by clicking here.

And here are the three new kids on the block.

From left: Ultraman Titas, Ultraman Taiga and Ultraman Fuma. Picture from TPC.

While the idea of three Ultramen inside one human host is new, I am actually more excited about the beefy looking Ultraman Titas. Some of you may think that the design looks weird, but the most interesting point here is that Ultraman Titas may very well be the first U-40 Ultraman to be officially represented in live action. Ultraman Joneus (or Jonias), while having appeared in some live action specials or movies, has never had an official live action series. Nitpicking fans can argue that Titas’s star-shapped color-timer should have been green and should have been in a pentagon shape, just like other U-40 Ultramen.

Another unique feature of U-40 Ultramen are actually their mouth designs which looks significantly different from the others. They tend to have yellow eyes too. While all of these traits are missing from Titas, I think we can still look forward to some potentially interesting stories, now that the story is not limited to the Land of Light itself.

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