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By administrator Posted in on August 28, 2016
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tokuAsia is a Singapore-based community for fans of Japanese Tokusatsu (and other similar live-action shows).

Originally established in 2005 as a discussion board for Tokusatsu fan-fiction and other creative works, tokuAsia has grown and shaped itself into one of the stronger advocates of the hobby in this region.

tokuAsia aims to promote Tokusatsu programs in Singapore and provide an avenue for healthy & meaningful discussion. It also works in tandem with other local fan groups to organise small to medium-sized community events. 

In 2012, tokuAsia opened its own film production business, tokuAsia Pictures, to fulfil its dream of realising Project Leo, a decade-long project to produce its own Tokusatsu program.

tokuAsia celebrated its 10th Anniversary in November 2015. As of 2022, it is the oldest existing Tokusatsu fan group in Singapore.

In 2019, tokuAsia Pte Ltd was registered and the concept trailer for SACRED GUARDIAN SINGA had its world premiere at Singapore Comic Con.

In 2020, the SACRED GUARDIANS comic was released as part of the development plans for Sacred Guardian Singa.

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