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Flashback Friday #22: Ultraman Tiga Episode 29 - Blue Night's Memory
By Meng Yeow Posted in Flashback Friday, Ultraman on July 31, 2015
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(Aoi Yoru no Kioku)

This week’s Flashback Friday takes us to one of the episodes of Ultraman Tiga!

The first Ultraman series of the Heisei era and also one of the best in recent years. Aside from a very strong cast and fantastic music composition, Tiga had many episodes with strong-standalone stories. The episode we would like to highlight today is one of my personal favorites.

A pair of sibling aliens who were on the run from their hunters chanced upon an accident which killed an entire family. The younger alien took the body of the little girl and then continued living on Earth while the elder brother went missing. The little girl then grew up to become a pop-star Maya Cruz. Later on, the elder brother returned and possessed GUTS member Shinjoh’s body to try to find his sister.

I won’t spoil you on the details of the story as I would highly recommend you to watch the episode. But there is one thing which made this episode really good in my opinion.

Any rock fans who saw this episode would definitely be able to identify the song which was performed towards the end of the episode.

Yup! It is the Japanese cover of ‘A Whiter Shade of Pale’ by Procol Harum!

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