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Toku Jukebox #2: Aoi Kajitsu
By Hidayat Posted in Ultraman on September 9, 2015
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Aoi Kajitsu (OP2)

“Blue Fruit”

Series: Ultraman Nexus (2004)
Composition & Arrangement: Tokunaga Akihito | Lyrics: Yoshimoto Daiki
Performed by: doa

Aoi Kajitsu is the second opening song to Ultraman Nexus.

It feels apt that the song have “Aoi” on it when Junis Blue was introduced in this part of the series. The lyrics feels relatable to this part of the series, where the new Deunamist, Ren, is still new and an “unripened fruit”, and making effort to prove his worth as the new Deunamist and as the new Ultraman.

(OP) = Opening Theme, (ED) = Ending Theme, (IN) = Insert Song, (IM) = Image Song, (BGM) = Background Music

UM Nexus

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