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My tokuAsia Story
Why abandon what makes you happy?
By Kevin Wong Posted in Columns on November 19, 2018
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I dressed up as some casual rendition of the Red Ranger. I’ve reprised the role three more times since then.

There came a point in my childhood where it was no longer cool to like Power Rangers or anything resembling it (ie. Ultraman, even GARO).

And yet, I held on. Even into my teens, I held on. Why?

Here’s a question: Why abandon what makes you happy?

As I grew older, what I enjoyed became more than just flashy action. I was shown what it looked like to care for those weaker than you (Ultraman). I was taught the importance of human life (GARO).

Without Ultraman, I wouldn’t have known GARO. Without GARO, I wouldn’t be the person I am now: A volunteer at an aquarium out to help others.

Without both, without Power Rangers and superheroes in general, I’d probably be a depressed wreck without a good purpose.

One of the worst things we can do to ourselves is sacrificing what we love to appease others, to appear as “normal.”

Besides, things like Power Rangers make life exciting.

This is my tokuAsia story.

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