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Toku Jukebox #4: M87
Theme song of SHIN ULTRAMAN (2022)
By Meng Yeow Posted in Music, Ultraman on May 18, 2022
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Film: SHIN ULTRAMAN (2022)
Composition & Lyrics: Kenshi Yonezu

Performed by: Kenshi Yonezu

Released on 18 May 2022, M87 is the official theme song of the film SHIN ULTRAMAN.

The song currently has five million hits on Spotify and 18 million views on YouTube. With the film itself achieving box office success in its first two weeks, SHIN ULTRAMAN will no doubt go into history as the most successful Ultraman film to date.

(OP) = Opening Theme, (ED) = Ending Theme, (IN) = Insert Song, (IM) = Image Song, (BGM) = Background Music

M87 Shin Ultraman Ultraman

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