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Interview: Niwa Mikiho
An exclusive interview with the actress who plays Moune/Gosei Yellow!
By Jaclyn Ngan Posted in Interviews, Super Sentai on January 1, 2011
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Megumi no Landick Power Megumi no Landick Power!

Happy New Year, everybody! To kick start 2011 with a bang, tokuAsia would like to present to the readers, especially Super Sentai fans, a wonderful New Year Special.

During the past 2 weeks, I’ve been in contact with TNX through e-mail regarding a permission to interview one of their talents. That’s right folks, I was given the permission to interview Niwa Mikiho a.k.a. GoseiYellow/Moune of Tensou Sentai Goseiger! Although I had no luck with the other four cast members, I hope this interview will bring satisfaction. Without further ado, here is the interview!

-Regarding Goseiger-

First of all, thank you very much for allowing us to do this interview with you. Is it okay to address you as “Mikki”? (laughs)

Mikiho: I’d like to say thank you very much as well. You can call me “Mikki” as much you want!

Goseiger’s air time is almost over. Tell us about your experience and happenings during this one year.

Mikiho: My acting abilities are still very low but there’s nothing better than having everybody watching me on TV every week. Also, finding out that the explosion scenes aren’t CG scenes at all left a huge impact on me and it was also my first experience.

Have you always wanted to become a Sentai Heroine? Tell us your opinion on passing the auditions.

Mikiho: Although I knew about Super Sentai because of my older brother, during the time around Goseiger’s auditions, I did some research on the franchise and studied through them. I was shocked when I found out that Super Sentai has a long history! 

After passing the auditions, my body was shaking and I was so stunned, I couldn’t feel a single thing!

Other than having an older brother, what else do you have in common with Moune?

Mikiho: We’re both straightforward and we both love children!

What are your thoughts on working together with GoseiYellow’s stuntwoman, Nogawa Mizuho-san?

Mikiho: I’ve always discussed a lot of things with Nogawa-san. We even talk about our performance and Moune. Especially during the time we both rehearsed the cheerleading dance together. That was an unforgettable memory.

It’s the 35th Anniversary for Super Sentai next year. What are Mikki’s expectations?

Mikiho: I’m quite expecting a lot for the 35th Anniversary! It’d be nice if I was involved in any future anniversary works as a senior hero.

-Regarding Niwa Mikiho-

If not mistaken, you started this career all thanks to your mother, right?

Mikiho: Not just my mother, I’m also grateful to my grandfather who has bought me fashion magazines.

If you weren’t a Nicola model or a member of Canary Club, what would the current Mikki be doing?

Mikiho: Hmmm, I would become a dance teacher. Since I love children, I can see myself working as any type of teacher.

Speaking of which, tell us about your experience and happenings during your time in Nicola and Canary Club.

Mikiho: During Nicola, I’ve worked together with models of the same age so it felt like we were like childhood friends. I love being fashionable now because of the varieties of outfits I got to wear back then.

Mikiho: As for Canary Club, there are definitely live performances, but there’s also radio personality, stage shows and also cheerleading. Not only I’ve expanded my own personal experience, I also get to meet a lot of wonderful people.

Mikki has also started venturing into gravure this year. How were the fans’ reactions?

Mikiho: Fans who have been supporting me were really warm and supporting and I’m happy that they left a lot of comments on my mini blog. There are also a lot of people who has known me through Goseiger and during events, my fanbase has definitely grown since those who attended were from boys to girls to families.

Your aspirations for 2011?

Mikiho: 2010 was a big year for me, so I wish to continue developing in 2011.


Lastly, your message to your international fans please.

Mikiho: Doing this interview to make people overseas know my name makes me feel really happy. I love foreign countries so much that I wish to hold events there someday. I wish to have more exchange between foreign countries and Japan, so that I can convey all kinds of information to everybody! Please support me. Thank you very much!


Interview by: Jaclyn
Translated by: Jaclyn

Special thanks to TNX for the approval of this interview; Basil for his guidance on writing the e-mail; Meng Yeow for making me realized tokuAsia does make dreams come true by allowing me to go ahead with this sheer dumb luck attempt and last but not least, the rest of tokuAsia who has helped out with the questions!

Goseiger Niwa Mikiho

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