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Flashback Friday #6: Lion Maru G (2006)
By Meng Yeow Posted in Flashback Friday, Tokusatsu Hero on April 10, 2015
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In today’s Flashback Friday, we go back to 2006! Following Kaiketsu Lion-Maru (1972) and Fuun Lion-Maru (1973), Lion-Maru G (G for Ghetto) is the third part of the Lion-Maru trilogy, and a strange direction for the show.

The series aired from 1 October 2006 to 24 November 2006 and was one of the few adult-oriented Tokusatsu series during that period of time. In contrast to the immensely popular GARO series which had a darker and more serious plot, Lion-Maru G set its story in the Neo-Kabukicho, the real red light district of Shinjuku, Tokyo.

The nature of the setting allowed the story to explore a story which encompasses adult references and comedy while at the same time be dark and violent. Not forgetting a very psychotic villain named Junior (portrayed by Endo Kenichi).

Lion-Maru G stars Namioka Kazuki (Demon Knight/Genseishin Justirisers) as Shishimaru/Lion-Maru alongside Ota Yasuomi as the anti-hero Jonosuke/Tiger-Joe. Unlike most Tokusatsu series protagonists, Shishimaru is both a cowardly louse and girl-crazy gigolo. Even after he was given the Kinsachi by Kashinkoji (portrayed by Okubo Taka), his character was pretty much the same for almost the first half of the series.

The big bad of the series is Gousan (portrayed by Ishibashi Renji) who is the boss of Gousan Enterprises trying to take control of the country by creating Skull Eyes, contact lenses which enables him to mind control whoever puts them on. He later kills everyone but Kaori and Saori (portrayed by Kobayashi Emi and Oda Asami respectively) related to Shihimaru and Jonosuke. He also kills his son, Junior, who tried to kill him.

While it will definitely pale in comparison to GARO or Cutie Honey The Live, Lion-Maru G is still entertaining enough to make you stick with it through the 13 episodes.

Ishibashi Renji Kobayashi Emi Lion Maru Lion Maru G Namioka Kazuki Oda Asami Okubo Taka Ota Yasuomi

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